Irish Times November, 2017

Website for mobility access awarded funding of €50,000 from KBC
Bank’s Bright Business Ideas programme distributes €100,000 of funds to 10 finalists

Mobility Mojo KBC

A website that works like TripAdvisor but focuses on mobility access has scooped the top prize of €50,000 in the KBC Bright Business Ideas programme.

Mobility Mojo was named the winner at an awards ceremony in Dublin for its user-driven website that aims to give people with disabilities the confidence to travel.

The website seeks to provide accurate, up-to-date information on the accessibility of hotels, transport, restaurants, pubs, attractions and more.

Local communities
In all, KBC Bank distributed €100,000 of funding to 10 shortlisted business initiatives across the Republic.

The awards called on businesses to show how they could improve their local communities.

Social Feedia received funding of €25,000 after being named runner-up. Its product aims to connect people who sell local produce to those who want to buy it and uses GPS software to track where the food has come from and to show where it is delivered to.